Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter misfortune

Apparently, I have now ruined Easter for everyone.

Hey Mom! Look what I did!

What? I was supposed to greet the Easter Bunny?
I thought you said....

Oh my. This is awkward.

Sorry. Nothing to see here. *burp*

Just kidding! Happy Easter to you and yours, hope you have a wonderful day! We are going to my human Aunt Kathie's house and I will meet my Nana for the first time - I can't wait! Plus there will be Whip Its and Grey Hounds and little people and HAM. I'm not sure what HAM is but if it's food, I'm in!


  1. Have a happy Easter, Nicky. Don't be a pig with the ham.

  2. Ok Nick - this is important. You have to be able to distinguish between actual ham and little people who may smell like ham because they were eating it. The big people will get very upset if you mix these up and eat the wrong one.

  3. Hey Nicky, I had a slight incident with the Easter Bunny myself! TM will be posting about it tomorrow. Love, Lowri

  4. Jimmy and Wilson LOVE ham, but it sure makes for some air pollution a little later on..... :-)

  5. Good thing Easter bunnies breed like, well, BUNNIES! Sorry Easter Bunny Union, Nicky and Lowri didn't MEAN to do it!

  6. That was funny, thank you. I hope one and all had a very happy easter.