Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's hard being me

Seriously Mom? I can't drive the Corvette today? I bet James Bond's mom would've let him drive the Corvette. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Hysterical! Nick, there is no doubt that James Bonds' Mom would have let him drive the Aston Martin, so I don't know why your Mom is being so protective of that 'Vette!

  2. Nicky, dear, I have it on good authority that you will get a special car for your first birthday. Just hang in there.

    G'Ma Penni

  3. I let JF drive my subie once; he was a total chick magnet (or should I say over-the-hill hen magnet). :) (I love my subie.)
    You go, Nick!

  4. Outrageous!

    Also, she has the wrong link for your grandma Alice in your sidebar. It should be http://c-myste.com/news/ or it just gives a blogroll.

  5. Grandma Alice says you can also get to at http://blog.c-myste.com - although that might not work right with blogger finding the rss feed.