Sunday, March 20, 2011

The things I have to do for beauty

Apparently, part of this whole International Man of Mystery thing involves being devastatingly handsome. I think that I look just fine, but the hoomans around here apparently thought I needed some help today.

I went to my Aunt Kathie's house today to play with some members of the Samily - my great-aunt Georgia and my great-uncle Bogey - and they tricked me! Auntie Dina brought out this big jar of yummy stuff called peanut butter and lulled me into a false sense of security. First, she put this stuff all over my earses and I look completely ridiculous. What was wrong with one ear up and one ear down, I ask you? Now I'm not nearly as aerodynamic.

Then, she put me in her lap and started messing with my paws. I tried so hard to be good and then she gave me some yummy treats and let me stick my nose in the peanut butter jar.

I was so tired that I slept the whole way home. Mom is trying to keep me awake tonight but needless to say, I'm not speaking to her right now.

Oh, the humiliation. I hope this week goes by fast.


  1. All I have to say is that a tired puppy is a good puppy and, someday you'll thank me, Nick. Remember that when you land a big modeling contract. Love, Auntie Dina - Stylist to the Stars

  2. Jon Farleigh and Dewi have both left the room and are hiding under a chair in the living room, as the sight of the tape and the dremel - mostly the dremel - are terribly unsettling to them.
    (Yesterday was feet and nails day at our house. Fun. But, I swear the dremel is so much easier than clippers.)
    Nick is still incredibly handsome, satellite reception and all!

  3. Nicky, you'll thank everyone later for keeping you in style. That Dremel makes a lot of noise, but it really is easier on your feet than those old clippers. You'll need your ears up so you don't miss the sound of a cracker crumb falling on the floor.

  4. Nicky, International Men of Mystery need their peds cured. TM did mine this morning and then I got to play in sheep poop. Your crown looks handsome. I just got tape on one ear.

    Love, Lowri

  5. Nick - you are one gorgeous puppy who will undoubtedly grow up to be a strikingly handsome dog!

  6. What a handsome crown for the king of the house!

  7. Soooo handsome. And, he looks just like Scout in the picture where he's getting his toesies done!