Monday, March 28, 2011

My boy

The day my Mom and Dad came to pick me up, they brought a little person with them. His name is Joey, and he is officially My Very Own Boy.

I like little people, but he isn't very little at all. Mom says he's in third grade and he is already four feet, ten inches tall. His legs are a lot longer than mine are and he runs really, really fast. We like to play chase and all kinds of games outside.

Mom calls him Monkey Man. I call him My Boy. He is very sweet and likes to rub my tummy and give me big hugs. I like to bite his socks and try and pull on his pants legs. His socks smell really, really good - especially after he goes to baseball practice.

Today, My Very Own Boy isn't feeling very well. Mom said he was up all night with a fever and he has a sinus infection. When she took him to the doctor, she let him ride in the car without being in a crate. That's so unfair! Why do I have to ride in the car in a crate?

I have been taking care of him on the couch today when I'm not busy following Mom around. He gets to use lots of tissues and sometimes I can steal one out of the box when no one is looking. That is fun!


  1. Nick you are so lucky to have your own boy -- you're looking very handsome yourself by the way.

    G'Ma Penni

  2. Nicky, TM told me that riding in a crate is to keep me safe. If we were ever to have the car hurt, I wouldn't get thrown out. You should be glad that your mom loves you enough to lock you up. I bet your Boy has to wear a harness in the car - kind of like a collar and leash, but way more restrictive. Love, Lowri

  3. Oh dear, so sorry about Joey. Hope he's better tomorrow. Nick looks so happy with his mini-person boy. They're the best. :)

  4. Oh! We wish we had our own boy! We do have a grandson that loves us but he doesn't live with us! You are a lucky pup!