Friday, March 25, 2011

Too clean

Whew. It's been an exhausting week. Being an International Man of Mystery is a full-time job, I tell you. That and trying to keep my ears up have just worn me out.

Tonight I have a Super Secret Corgi Convocation with my great-uncle Jon Farleigh and his blue brother Dewi. You can see them over at The Chronicles of Cardigan. Mom even made me take a bath last night for the occasion. Now I smell like oranges and my coat looks really handsome. Hopefully I can find some deer poop to roll in before we go to our meeting so I can smell better, no one likes a good-smelling dog!

Have a great Friday, everybody! Make sure you root for VCU and University of Richmond tonight...I have no idea why, but everyone around here is talking about it. If it involves food, I'm in!


  1. Bogey says "Rock on dudes! I prefer sheep sh-- for that little something extra that all the ladies like."

  2. I am with Bogey! Sheepie poop is the BEST! Please, please, please tell me what you learn at the Super Secret Corgi Convocation!
    Love, Lowri

  3. Nick, we didn't tell her to give you a bath. Reeely, we didn't!
    P.S. Deer poop is like Tic Tacs, too. Minty fresh!
    See you soon!
    Jon Farleigh and Dewi

  4. Don't feel bad Nick. You are not alone in your cleaness. Wilson earned a bath yesterday and Jimmy got one just 'cause the bathroom was now a mess.