Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ah, memories!

I was looking through some pictures last night from when I was just a little guy and thought it would be fun to show everybody! That's me! I was three weeks old. And I already look like a Man of Mystery, don't I?

This is when my Grandma Janet took me and my brothers and sisters to the doctor along with my mom. There were eight of us - everyone called us The Ocho! There were so many of us that Grandma put us in a big plastic box and then on a cart with wheels to get us to the doctor. Aren't we a handsome looking group? Some of my sisters have their own blogs too - see Joanie? Her name is Gingersnap now and she is on a blog with her new family. Susan is now Sally and she lives with my Mama Scout, Uncle Grump Spencer, and Grandma Janet. And Laurie is now called Lowri and lives with her brother Kearney - they have all kinds of cool adventures with sheepies! You can see their blogs over on the blogroll called We are Family. Stop on by and say hi!

And if that wasn't enough, check out this picture:

That's me! Sleeping on our bed in the puppy pen when I was only about seven weeks old. I still like to sleep on my back with all of my legs in the air. A man has to air out his, um, equipment. If you know what I mean.


  1. Nicky, you'll never stop being adorable. Watch out for all the ladies (hooman and dogs).

  2. Boy, Nick, you were gorgeous as a youngun' and just get better with age!

  3. Nick, you had equipment at seven weeks? JF and Dewi are speechless. :)

    What an adorable poopster!!!

  4. Actually, all three of the boys had their equipment at 6 weeks - the doc was very impressed! They were a big hit at the vet - so many folks there were helping the day they were born there, and they all had to come see how big and beautiful they all were. Hard to believe how much they have grown in sucha a short time.

  5. We knew you were a beautiful baby puppy,
    'cuz look at you now. Love the pictures!