Friday, April 1, 2011

Bear Grylls ain't got nothing on me

Ever since I was a wee sprite, I've been working on one of the essential parts of being an International Man of Mystery...the art of survival skills.

This was one of my earlier attempts. See how clever I am, pretending to bite the branches of that tree? In reality, I'm discerning if the tree is edible in case I'm ever stuck in a forest without my Blue puppy food. Bear Grylls, eat your heart out.

In the next example, you think you see a cute puppy snuggled up next to one of his Mom's shoes, right?

Wrong! It's me, proving that I can sleep in even the most treacherous conditions, like using my Mom's stinky shoe as a pillow.

Dealing with predators is also an essential skill.
Not naming names or anything. Ahem.


  1. Well, Nick, that's quite impressive. Poor Rufus won't know what hit him.
    You look awfully cute in those treacherous conditions! Just don't eat the treacherous conditions. :)

  2. Nicky, You are my hero. I had no idea you were learning those impressive skills! Some day, I hope you teach me some of them. Love, Lowri

  3. Nick, I have no doubt that you could charm yourself out of any treacherous situation that you found yourself in!

  4. We're very impressed with all your skills. You do them with such cuteness!