Monday, April 11, 2011

I love stinky stuff

One of my favorite things to do is go exploring in the woods. There is all kinds of cool, stinky stuff out here - rotten logs, ant nests, deer poop...we even have a creek in our backyard! I am just dying to get in it, but Mean Mom keeps waylaying my plans. She is No Fun At All.

Dad puts all the stuff out of the back of that big noisy thing that cuts the grass in a big pile in part of the woods. Talk about good smells! I like to bounce through the piles over and over. Then I roll in it and rub my back all in the piles. Sometimes, just when I finally get my smell just right, Mean Mom gives me a bath! Then I smell like an orange. I don't like that. She is No Fun At All.


  1. Your mama sez she is going to show you how to do the neck dive. That's how you get the stink in good and deep in your thick neck scruff so that when your hooman mom snuggles with you, she will get the full effect of your efforts.

  2. Oh yuck, Nick. :( Just yuck.

    JF and Dewi don't know this, but they're going into the utility sink later this week. Time for a scrub so they can smell like Kiwi when they see you this weekend. :)

  3. Yup, Scout has to show you the REALLY good way to rub it in--one that all good red Cardi girls know! Your Auntie Monroe (through marriage) chose to show me just what she thought about my bathing her for the house sitter by rolling in horse poop--sigh, now I have to wash her AGAIN! You keep up the good Cardi work and you'll accomplish the ROLL!