Sunday, April 3, 2011

Revenge is sweet

Remember how Rufus stole my toy?

I mean seriously, look at this thing. Nas-ty! Why in the world would I want anything to do with that gross thing?

But then this morning, Mom asked me if I'd had anything to do with Rufus' toy getting messed up.

Huh? Who, me?

Oh my, how barbaric! Who would do such a terrible thing?

Now, if you'll excuse me...I have some other home improvements projects to work on. Thanks.


  1. Oh, Nicky, I think you might have inherited your Dad's home improvement project gene. We have nary a toy left with squeaker or stuffing. We are now buying the "Thinnies Without Squeaker" from They seem to remove all destructive urges.

  2. Nicky, your mom told me to tell you that those things just explode on their own:

    That's the story - stick to it.

  3. Oh, dear. :( Fleecy things don't live long here either. Honestly, nothing sewn (with or without stuffing), with sound effects, that looks like a tennis ball, made of felt, that says "puppy" on the package, etc... So yeah, NO toys in our house except red Kong and thick tug ropes. :(

    Nick is SO flipping adorable!

  4. Your first cousin Audrey says:


  5. Nicky, as an International Man of Mystery, you should be able to.. ummmm..create photographic evidence of Rufus destroying his own toy. I'm just saying...Love, Lowri

  6. Great choice of words! Home improvements! I like that! -The Bear

    LOL! So cute! -Becky

    From someone who has lost so many toys since the puppy came to our house, I have no comment. - Buddy

  7. Gosh, Nicky is just the cutest little boy EVER! How could anyone think he would do something so evil as to destroy his housemate's toy? Unfair accusations! (Pssst, Nick, I know a good criminal defense attorney should this accusation go any further!)