Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do not disturb

I had my first day at daycare today. It was so much fun! There were lots of big dogs for me to bark at and lots of dogs my size to play with. All the hoomans that work there said I was the cutest thing they've ever seen. I think they must tell everyone that, but don't tell Mom that. She's on Cloud 9!

I haven't moved from this spot since we got home. Everyone has to step over me to get anywhere in the house. I should get my second wind around 10 PM, right when Mom likes to go to bed. That's my favorite time to zoom around the house as fast as I can run. Know why? Because that's how an International Man of Mystery rolls!


  1. Nivky, Nicky -- you are your Daddy's little boy. The midnight zoomies were his favorite.

  2. A ha! So that's where he gets it from! Rufus just stands back and rolls his eyes. He's more of an 8 PM kind of guy. ;-)

  3. Glad Nick had a good first day! Hope there were few zoomies at bedtime. :)